FRCD COVID-19 Resource Page


Federal and State Education Guidance in Response to Covid-19

Guidances from Federal and State leaders have been developed to assist school districts, educators, and parents as they continue to educate students during this pandemic.

Remote Learning Resources

These resources include methods on how help your child or student adapt to remote learning. (many of these resources are specific to the characteristics of a child’s disability.

Activities for Kids at Home

Assistive and Accessible Technology

These are resources of various accessible tools to assist with remote communication, and information about assistive technology.

Disability Health Information & Resources

These are resources to assist families who may be experiencing various medical emergencies and hardships.

COVID-19 Preparedness

This resource addresses additional needs and services that may be concerns that may arise during the COVID-19 Crisis


Housing advocacy resources for families who may be struggling with remaining in their places of residence.


Resources and food for pets and support animals.

Relief Funds

Due to financial hardships created by COVID-19, families may need funds or relief for basic living. These resources are from various organizations that are providing financial relief.


These are various resources to address self-care, especially for caregivers.


These are resources provide information on how to advocate when using public transportation amidst the COVID-19 crisis.