Recorded Special Education Webinars

Youth Programs for Chicago Youth Presented by Access Living’s Youth and Employment Institute

Access Living offers multiple opportunities and award-winning virtual programs for youth with disabilities to learn, grow, build community, and prepare for their futures. In this presentation, you will learn about:
-Access Living’s Youth Team and their Youth Focused Programs,
-What Youth will gain from participating in these programs.
-How youth can access these programs,
-And participation criteria,

Dissecting the IEP 6 Part Webinar Series on Demand

Do you find your child’s Individualized Education Program(IEP) document cumbersome and overwhelming? Would you like to feel better prepared for your child’s next IEP meeting? This 6 part webinar series breaks down the components of the IEP to ensure that you have clear an understanding of your child’s IEP.


Dissecting the IEP Part 1: Understanding the Present Level

This webinar teaches parents how to understand the present level section of their child’s IEP and how to form productive questions and assumptions based on the information found in this section.

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Part 1 PowerPoint and supporting resources:

Dissecting the IEP Part 2: Building Successful Goals

This webinar focuses on the statement of measurable goals section of the IEP. Following this webinar, parents will be able to better assess their child’s current goals and along with the IEP team, help to build future goals that will ensure that their child will be a successful and continuous learner.

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Part 2 PowerPoint and supporting resources:

 Dissecting the IEP Part 3: Placement and Least Restrictive Environment

This webinar focuses on the placement section of the IEP and delves into the Least Restrictive Environment.  Placement refers to the amount of time in each school day that a student spends in the resource or in a general education classroom. The school district is required to have a range of placements where your child can be taught, including in the general education classroom.

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Part 3 PowerPoint and supporting resources:

View Dissecting the IEP Part 4: Accommodation and Modification

This webinar focuses on the Accommodation and Modification section of the IEP and how it allows students with IEP’s to access and participate in the general curriculum.

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Part 4 PowerPoint and supporting resources:


This webinar focuses on the transition to the post-secondary education portion of the IEP process and questions parents should be asking.

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Part 5 PowerPoint and supporting resources:

 Dissecting the IEP Part 6: Extended School Year

This webinar focuses on understanding the purpose and process of the Extended School Year.

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Part 6 PowerPoint and supporting resources:


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