Mark Your Calendar for This Exciting Event Parent Advocacy Training for Legislative Change

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Mark Your Calendar for This Exciting Event Parent Advocacy Training for Legislative Change

Family Resource Center on Disabilities (FRCD) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are offering a FREE training to parents and family members of children with disabilities.

The purpose of this program is to educate and empower parents of children with disabilities about legislative advocacy. The training will enable you to:

• Participate in the legislative process to change special education policy.

• Become more comfortable speaking to legislators and sharing concerns.

• Develop an understanding of special education policy and practice.  Your participation in this training will build your advocacy skills and provide important feedback that can help guide, expand, and strengthen special education policy. In addition to attending the training, participants will be required to:

• Participate in a focus group to share concerns about special education legislation. • Complete three surveys to document the effectiveness of the training.

• Be videotaped (less than three minutes) to share your concerns about special education legislation. Your participation is voluntary and your responses will be kept confidential.

To participate, please complete the registration and survey at this link:

After completing the survey, you will be notified of your training date.

Training Dates: May 10 and 17, 2018 or September 18 and 20, 2018

Location: Dr. Martin Luther King Service Center/Resource Center for Autism and Developmental Delays, 4314 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago, IL 60653

Time: 10 am to 1 pm on both dates

Please sign up by April 20, 2018

Food and parking will be provided and each participant will receive two $10 gift cards. If you have questions or want to complete the survey over the phone or via hard copy, please contact: Meghan Burke, or