Advocacy Training for Military and Newly Civilian Parents of Children with Disabilities.

Military Advocacy TrainingUIC is looking for participants for an exciting research project that will explore the effect of an advocacy training for military and newly civilian parents of children with disabilities.

Title of the Project: Developing and testing a family service specialist program for military and newly civilian families of children with developmental disabilities

About the Project: As a participant, you will participate in a special education advocacy training and complete a 20-25 minute pre and post-survey. Specifically, you will complete a survey at the beginning and end of the training. You will also complete short formative and summative evaluations. We believe that your experiences will help to inform the research about parent advocacy among military and newly civilian families.

Special Education Advocacy Training: At this training, you will learn about special education advocacy for your child with a disability. You will learn about evaluations, individualized education programs, and other school services.

Special Education Advocacy Training

March 17th and 19th from 9am to Noon (CST)

The training will be offered online

Potential Participants: Please consider participating in this study if: (a) You are a military family member or newly civilian family member of a child with a disability AND (b) Are older than 18 years of age and willing to complete an advocacy training

For your time, you will receive $30 in giftcards for participating in this study. Specifically, participants will receive a $15 giftcard after completing the pre-survey AND attending the training. Participants will receive the other $15 giftcard after completing the training and finishing the post-survey. You must attend the training to receive the giftcard.

If you are interested in participating in the study or would like more information, contact: Meghan Burke,, 217-300-1226

To register for the training, please complete the pre survey at: