CANCELLED Special Education/IDEA -What Parents Need to Know

Collage of diverse familiesSpecial Education /IDEA: What Parents Need to Know

Does your child receive special education services or do you suspect your child may need special education services?  Do you find the special education process daunting and overwhelming?  This webinar will provide a brief overview of the Individuals with Disability Education Act and how it protects students’ who are receiving special education services rights.

IEP Check-In Session

conversation between parent and volunteerDo you have specific questions about your child’s  Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?  Make an appointment during FRCD’s IEP Check-In sessions and one of our parent trainers will sit down with you and comb through your child’s IEP.    We ask that you read the IEP prior to your IEP Check-In Session and bring a copy for the parent trainer to go through with you.


FREE Workshop: How to Navigate the Illinois Disability System

Attorney Robert H. Farley, Jr.,Attorney Robert H. Farley, Jr., will be presenting a free Workshop on Tuesday, December 10, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Naperville Public Library (95th Street Library) at 3015 Cedar Glade Drive, Naperville, IL. You will learn How To Navigate the Illinois Disability System and obtain all the benefits which your disabled child / adult is entitled to under the law. If your disabled son or daughter is 18 or older and is on the PUNS List, but is classified as “Future Planning,” then he or she will NOT be pulled from the PUNS List for services. Learn what you must do, to be successful. Topics to be covered will be: PUNS; How to Obtain Funding; Special Needs Trust; SSI and Guardianship.

Prior to attending or if you cannot attend the workshop, please download and print Attorney Farley’s “Book” on How to Navigate the Illinois Disability System at This is free download and the materials in the Book will be covered during the workshop. Please bring the book to the Workshop.