Parent Empowerment Call this Thursday, June 4th at noon‏

The next Parent Empowerment Call will be held this Thursday, June 4th from 12:00-1:00.  The topic is “Crisis Happens; Be Prepared”.  Attached is the Family Crisis Management Plan for families of school age children.  This call is hosted by the Division of Mental Health-Child & Adolescent Services.

Parent Empowerment Call
Thursday, June 4th at Noon
“Crisis Happens:  Be Prepared”
800.260.0702 – Passcode 344780

Learning Objectives for participants:


1.  To know the value of a Crisis Management Plan.
2.  Learn to envision how they look when they’re well.
3.  Learn how they can facilitate recovery for children.
4.  Know how to write a Crisis Management Plan.