NEXT STEPS:Planning Ahead: Future Finances

Mom and DaughterDuring this workshop, parents step away from daily activities of family life to learn information and strategies useful for shaping secure futures for their children. Through a case study, participants review the range of on-going family supports related to adult life in the community for a young person with disabilities. Guest speakers share their expertise regarding resources for financial and estate planning. During the session, parents will begin to write a “letter of intent” that provides future care givers with guidance in understanding the needs and desires of the person with disabilities and his family.

NEXT STEPS Transition: Making it in the Real World/Roadmaps to the Future

Father and daughterFor all young people, the transition from student life in school to adult life in the community is complicated. For students with disabilities and their families, this change can be particularly challenging, overwhelming and exciting. For young people to experience transitions to satisfying adult lives there must be teamwork among students, parents, educators and others. During this workshop, participants review the three critical goals of transition, consider practical opportunities which promote their achievement, become familiar with pertinent federal legislation and understand the important roles of family members in the transition

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires transition planning for all students with disabilities. Is a transition plan a written document? If so, who writes and signs it? Is transition planning a meeting? If so, who attends? This workshop is designed to give parents, students, educators and adult service providers answers to these questions and more. Participants learn how transition planning can be incorporated into
students’ on going special education plans. They discuss the influence of competency testing, graduation requirements, diplomas, integration and curriculum emphasis on transition plans. Sample transition forms are reviewed and participants develop transition goals.