Lunch and Learn Webinar: Transition to Adulthood

Collage of diverse familiesTransitioning from high school to adulthood is exciting time for students. However, if your child is receiving special education services, there are some aspects of your child’s transition plan that you must be aware of and be prepared to act upon. This webinar is a continuation of “Navigating the Transition Plan” and will cover:

-Options for graduation
-Summary of Performance and when to get one
-Transfer of Parental Rights
-Entitlement vs. Eligibility

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Navigating the Transition Plan

Collage of diverse familiesPreparing your child to transition to adulthood can be a daunting task. This webinar will focus on the initial steps of the transition process in the Illinois special education system from an academic perspective. The topics covered include:

-Defining transition plans and its components
-Understanding transition services
-Tips for parents preparing their child for adulthood.